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Pipe Beveling, Cutting and Threading Equipment

Sub Categories
Air Power Hacksaws Air Power Hacksaws
Pneumatic Hacksaws are suitable for all types of field and in-plant service and are ruggedly designed for cutting all types of pipe, tubing and structural shapes.

Beveling Bands and Transmissions Beveling Bands and Transmissions
Band-type pipe cutting and beveling machines provide a fast, accurate and versatile alternative to other types of cutting/beveling equipment. The compact profile allows for cutting in cramped areas with only 7” (178mm) of radial clearance required. Standard bands are lightweight and compact, which allows for easy one-man setup and operation. Bands are sized in two-inch increments, ranging from 6" to 54" (152mm-1371mm). Larger sizes available as a special order.

Standard transmissions are available with a 9 foot or 14 foot flex drive shaft. Motorized torch carriers are also available and come with a variable speed, reversible 90-volt DC motor (220-volt optional).

Beveling Machines Beveling Machines
Short Saddle Beveling Machines are the most versatile pipe cutting and beveling systems on the market. Beveling machines are constructed of a one-piece lightweight, solid cast aluminum saddle, assuring machine durability and ease of transportation. A snap-hook boomer assembly secures the machine to the pipe during the entire 360-degree rotation requiring no need to reposition. Standard machines are able to cut and bevel 2" to 48" pipe.

Each standard machine includes: Base Machine - Torch Arm - Torch Carrier Assembly - Spacer Bolts - Parts & Operating Manual - Cutting torch not included

Bug-O Systems Super-Flex Bug-O Systems Super-Flex
The Super-Flex Rail and Carriage System consist of an all position positive rack and pinion drive unit mounted on a Super-Flex rail. The rail conforms to any shape with a radius of 24” (600mm) or larger and is easily mounted directly on the workpiece. The Super-Flex rail can be twisted 10 degrees per 24” (600mm) of length. Powerful permanent magnets clamp the rail onto the work surface, fixture or jig. Super-Flex rails can be bolted together for unlimited lengths.

Pipe and Tube Cutters Pipe and Tube Cutters
We can supply you with a wide variety of Standard, Hinged and Rotary Pipe Cutters as well as many types of Tube Cutters.

Ridgid® Tool Co.

Reed Tools & Vises

In addition we also stock a wide selection of Cutting Wheels for most cutting applications.

Porta-Lathe Porta-Lathe
"The Best of Cold Cutting Pipe Equipment"

For turnarounds and cutting catalyst tubes of all types when space is tight and material is tough. Porta-Lathe is used throughout the power industry:

Oil Field - Nuclear Power - Petro Chemical - Pipe Lines

Reamers/Extractors and Benders Reamers/Extractors and Benders
Bending Tools, in the most popular sizes, are ideal for bending soft metal tubes of copper, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Pipe Reamers are made from tool steel and hardened for maximum life. Unique cutting edge makes this spiral reamer self-feeding and easy to start and operate.

Pipe Extractors make easy work of removing broken threaded ends of pipe, pipe plugs, fittings, etc.

Threaders Threaders
We can supply you with Manual and Power Threaders, as well as Ratchet and Bolt Threader Sets to meet the needs of most applications.

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