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Lifting Equipment and Accessories

Sub Categories
Endless Round Slings Endless Round Slings
Endless Round Slings are the most basic round sling, yet they offer great versatility. Round Slings are soft and pliable and offer extended life through the rotation of bearing points. Round Slings conform well to irregular shaped loads and may be used in a vertical, choker or basket type hitch.

Nylon Web Slings Nylon Web Slings
Nylon choker slings are manufactured to handle both heavy-wall and light-wall pipe and are available in an Endless Round (type V), with a “twisted” soft-eye (type IV) or a metal end (type I).

Shackles Shackles
Screw Pin Shackles can be used in any application where a round pin shackle is used. In addition, screw pin shackles can be used for applications involving side-loading circumstances. Reduced working load limits are required for side-loading applications. While in service, do not allow the screw pin to be rotated by a live line, such as a choker application.

Available in sizes: 1/4" to 2-1/2"

Hooks Hooks
Clevis Grab Hooks are designed to grab a single link of chain on the side to form a loop for dragging, pulling or towing. Available in both carbon steel and alloy.
Clevis Slip Hooks are designed for the chain to be passed through the throat of slip hook to form a chain loop used to drag, pull or tow. The loop will tighten when slack in chain is taken up.

Available in (Chain Size) 1/4" to 5/8".

Swivel Hooks are designed to swivel under the load and are available up to 22 ton capacity.

Pipe Hooks & Tongs (Calipers) Pipe Hooks & Tongs (Calipers)
Aluminum Pipe Hooks

Pipe Tongs (Caliper)

McKissick Blocks McKissick Blocks
McKissick snatch blocks are dual rated to meet the requirements of both short tons (design factor of 4.5 to 1) and metric tons (design factor of 4 to 1). Since they are metric rated they are applicable to worldwide use without conversion.

Available with a Hook (418, 420, 430), Shackle (419, 421, 431) or Tail Board (404, 406, 407). Hook and shackle assemblies can be interchanged.

Capacity Ranges: 2 ton to 20 ton

Wire Rope Wire Rope
We stock a wide range of 6 x 36 Class EIPS (Extra Improved Plow Steel), IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core), RRL (Right Regular Lay) domestic wire rope. This classification of wire ropes includes standard 6 strand, round strand ropes with 27 through 49 wires per strand which is important for fatigue resistance.

Sizes available: 1/4” to 1-1/4”

Rigging Accessories Rigging Accessories
We stock a wide range of Rigging Accessories including Cable Cutters, Links and Rings, Wire Rope Clips, Thimbles and Ferrules for most industrial applications.

Lowering-In Belts & Head Irons Lowering-In Belts & Head Irons
Pipeline Lowering-in-Belts are manufactured the way you need them to be. Our experienced manufacturer has worked directly with pipeliners in developing this product line, assuring a superior performance.
All components are of top-grade material, including alloy steel end irons and abrasion resistant nylon, coated for longer life. Pipeline Lowering-in-Belts are strong enough to satisfy your strength requirements, lightweight and flexible for maximum ease of handling

Lined Steel Choker Belts Lined Steel Choker Belts
These completely lined belts allow for the exact alignment of pipe required for welding or bending. The steel-lined fabric-faced belt holds the pipe firmly, no slippage. Ability to roll or pull pipe makes handling fast and convenient. The belt is easily released when the pipe is in position.
Belts comes in sizes up to 60", can be adjusted for coating thickness and it is repairable in the field. It comes in standard or heavy-duty sizes.

Multi-Leg Bridles Multi-Leg Bridles
Bridles may consist of legs made from wire rope, chain or webbing. These legs usually extend from a center link in a downward fashion to eyes, hooks, or thimbled ends.

Inflatable Lifting Mats Inflatable Lifting Mats
Place MatJacks under a load and inflate. Our hand-held controls have two positions: inflation and deflation. It's that easy! No more hand jacking or complex hydraulic valve systems.
MatJacks go anywhere you have one inch clearance and work in rain, snow and the coldest weather. Covered with five layers of butyl rubber with a raised, conical, interlocking surface, MatJacks are designed to "grip" the load.

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