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Product Categories
Cathodic Protection
Engineering and Surveying Equipment
Environmental Products
Flange Spreaders
Hand Tools
Lifting Equipment and Accessories
Locators and Holiday Detectors
Marking and Warning
Miscellaneous Consumables
Paint and Accessories
Pipe Beveling, Cutting and Threading Equipment
Pipe Handling and Pipe Fabrication Equipment
Pipe Line Up Clamps
Pipeline Coatings and Accessories
Pipeline Pigs
Pipeline Plugs and Pipe Caps
Power Tools
Pumps, Hoses and Accessories
Rental Equipment
Safety Products
Testing Equipment
Tie Down Equipment
Welding Equipment and Accessories
Wire Brushes and Abrasives

Miscellaneous Consumables

Sub Categories
Air Movers Air Movers
Wherever you need to disperse fumes, move air into confined spaces, cool men working in elevated temperature conditions, or cool machinery or products with a blast of directed air, then an air mover may find an application.

Bags Bags

Poly Liners

Burlap Bags

“Potato” Sacks

Printed Asbestos Bags

Batteries Batteries
Batteries for most applications: AAA, AA, C, D, and 6 and 9 Volt for lanterns

Bentonite Bentonite
Bentonite is a special type of clay that pocesses some properties which make it of economic importance specially in drilling operations for oil or underground water. It absorbs great amounts of water and increases enormously in volume, acquiring the colloidal property needed for the drilling mud.

Buckets and Barrels Buckets and Barrels

55 Gal UN Approved Barrels

5 and 10 Quart Buckets

5 Gallon Steel and Plastic Buckets

Bug Spray/Insecticides Bug Spray/Insecticides

Wasp and Hornet Spray

Off!® Deep Woods Spray

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Brooms and Brushes

GOJO Hand Cleaner

Paper Towels and Wipes

Aerosol Spray Cleaners

Electrical Electrical

Electrical Wire

Extension Cord and Plugs

Honda Generators

Jumper Cables and Clips

Fencing Fencing

Fence Post and Wire

Fence Tools

Safety Fence

Silt Fence

Flange Accessories Flange Accessories

Flange Isolation Kits

Spiral Wound Gasket

KLINGER®sil Ring Gaskets

Stud Bolts and Nuts

Flashlights and Lanterns Flashlights and Lanterns

Eveready Flashlights

Rayovac Flashlights

Garrity Flashlights

Funnels Funnels

National Spencer

Plastic and galvanized

Gas Cans Gas Cans

Blitz Plastic Gasoline Cans

Kerosene Cans

Eagle Type I Safety Cans

5 Gallon Jerry Cans

Gease Guns and Oilers Gease Guns and Oilers

Zee-Matic Grease Guns

Lincoln Grease Guns

Fittings and Hoses

Goldenrod® Oilers

Hydraulic Jacks Hydraulic Jacks

Jet Hydraulic Bottle Jacks
3 to 22.5 Ton Capacity

Ladders Ladders

Werner® Ladders

Fiberglass, Aluminum and Wood Extension and Step Ladders - Type IA, II, and III

Locks Locks

Master Locks®

No. 1 thru 5 - Keyed Alike and Different

Magnets Magnets

800 amp Round Magnets

“Pick-Up-Pal” Magnets

Nails and Fasteners Nails and Fasteners

8D – 20D Common Nails

Oil Measures Oil Measures

National Spencer and Plews Oil Measures
1 – 5 Quart Capacity

Oils/Grease and Lubricants Oils/Grease and Lubricants

Lubriplate Cartridge Grease

LPS and WD-40 Aerosol Lubricant

PB Blaster™ Penetrating Catalyst

Marvel Mystery Oil

Pipe, Valves and Fittings Pipe, Valves and Fittings

Never-Seize and Kopr-Kote Anti-Seize Compounds


Elbows, Tee’s and Reducers


Hex Bushings, Hex Head and Bull Plugs

Rubber and Padding Rubber and Padding

Rubber Skirt Board

SBR and Trapezoidal Rubber Sheets

Pipe Felt

Storage Containers Storage Containers

Rubbermaid “Action Packer” Containers
8 – 48 Gallon Capacity

Tape and Packaging Supplies Tape and Packaging Supplies

Masking Tape

Duct Tape

Nylon Filament Tape

Electrical and Friction Tape

Tarps and Poly Sheeting Tarps and Poly Sheeting

Poly Tarps
Size Range: 6’x 8’ to 20’x 20’

Poly Sheeting, Clear and Black

Teflon Sealants Teflon Sealants

Loctite® Thread Sealant

Rectorseal® Tru-Blu™ Pipe Thread Sealant

Teflon Thread Seal Tape

Torch Kits and Accessories Torch Kits and Accessories

Bernz-O-Matic® Torches and Kits

Goss® Torch Kits and Tips

5 Gallon Propane Cylinders

Water Coolers and Accessories Water Coolers and Accessories

Gott Water Coolers

Cup Dispensers and Drinking Cups

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