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Product Categories
Cathodic Protection
Engineering and Surveying Equipment
Environmental Products
Flange Spreaders
Hand Tools
Lifting Equipment and Accessories
Locators and Holiday Detectors
Marking and Warning
Miscellaneous Consumables
Paint and Accessories
Pipe Beveling, Cutting and Threading Equipment
Pipe Handling and Pipe Fabrication Equipment
Pipe Line Up Clamps
Pipeline Coatings and Accessories
Pipeline Pigs
Pipeline Plugs and Pipe Caps
Power Tools
Pumps, Hoses and Accessories
Rental Equipment
Safety Products
Testing Equipment
Tie Down Equipment
Welding Equipment and Accessories
Wire Brushes and Abrasives

Hand Tools

Sub Categories
Bars Bars

Chrome Aligning Bars from 16” to 30”

Pinch and Wedge Point Pry Bars from 36” to 66”

Tamping and digging bars

Wrecking Bars from 12” to 36"

Chain Wrenches Chain Wrenches

A double jaw gives fast ratchet-like action in either direction. The heavy-duty model has replaceable alloy steel jaws. The light-duty model has a one-piece forged alloy steel handle and jaw. Ideal for use in close quarters.

Cutting Tools Cutting Tools

Axes and Hatchets

Utility Knives and Replacement Blades

Machetes, Corn Knives and Ditch Blades

Hacksaws and Replacement Blades

Digging Tools Digging Tools

Mattock Picks

Wood and Steel Handle Post Hole Diggers

Racks, Hoes and Wheelbarrows

Round Point, Square Point and Sharpshooter Shovels

Files Files

Half Round “Pipeliner’s” Files – Bastard and Smooth cut

Flat “Mill” Files - Bastard and Smooth cut

Round “Rat Tail” and Chainsaw Files – Bastard, Second and Smooth cut

Hand Sockets and Accessories Hand Sockets and Accessories

Hinge Handle and Reversible Ratchets in ½” to 1” square drive

6-point Impact Sockets from 5/8” to 3”

Standard and Metric 12-point Socket Sets

Levels and Squares Levels and Squares

Empire “Unitek” Levels in Aluminum/Poly and Magnetic; 18" to 48"

Torpedo and String Levels

“SmartTool” Smart Levels

Measuring Tools Measuring Tools

Lufkin® Measuring Tools - Folding Rules, Power Return Tapes, Long Tapes (Fiberglass and Steel), and Open Reel Tapes

Rolatape® Measuring Wheels

Miscellaneous Tools Miscellaneous Tools

Putty Knives

Ice Picks

Basin Wrenches

Pliers/Snips and Cutters Pliers/Snips and Cutters

Bolt Cutters and Fencing Tools

Needle Nose, Wire Cutting and Stripping Pliers

Slip Joint, Tongue and Grove and Locking Pliers

Scewdrivers and Hex Keys Scewdrivers and Hex Keys

Hex Key sets

Standard and Phillip’s Head Screwdrivers and sets

Nut Drivers

Staplers and Staples Staplers and Staples

Arrow T-50 Staplers

1/2”, 3/8” and 9/16” staples

Striking Tools Striking Tools

Construction, Shop and Sledge Hammers

Non-Sparking Hammers

Welding and Chipping Hammers


Vises Vises

Ridgid Bench Yoke and Chain Vises

Ridgid Portable Tri-Stand Vises

Wedges Wedges

Square Head and Steel Banana Wedges: 3 to 6 lbs.

Wrenches Wrenches

Chrome and Black Finish Adjustable Wrenches in 6” to 24”

Manual Torque Wrenches

12-point Offset Pull and Hammer Wrenches in 1-1/16” to 3”

Open End/Box and Combination Wrenches and sets in 1/4” to 2-1/2”

Standard, Offset, and Aluminum Pipe Wrenches in 6” to 48”

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