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Product Categories
Cathodic Protection
Engineering and Surveying Equipment
Environmental Products
Flange Spreaders
Hand Tools
Lifting Equipment and Accessories
Locators and Holiday Detectors
Marking and Warning
Miscellaneous Consumables
Paint and Accessories
Pipe Beveling, Cutting and Threading Equipment
Pipe Handling and Pipe Fabrication Equipment
Pipe Line Up Clamps
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Pipeline Plugs and Pipe Caps
Power Tools
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Pipe Handling and Pipe Fabrication Equipment

Sub Categories
Jacks Stands Jacks Stands

Sumner® Adjust-A-Roll and Fold-A-Roll Jack Stands

V-Head and Roller Head Jack Stands

Lowering-In Belts & Head Irons Lowering-In Belts & Head Irons
Pipeline Lowering-in-belts are manufactured the way you need them to be. Our experienced personnel have worked directly with pipeliners in developing our product line, assuring a superior performance.

Pipe Cradles Pipe Cradles

Lowering-In Cradles

Rolli-Type Cradles

Rubber-Tire Cradles

Pipe Dollies Pipe Dollies

Sumner "Grasshopper" Pipe Dolly

Pipe Hooks & Tongs (Calipers) Pipe Hooks & Tongs (Calipers)

Aluminum Pipe Hooks

Pipe Tongs (Caliper)

Pipe Launchers Pipe Launchers

Small Launchers
Size Range: 4” to 16” O.D. Pipe

Large Launchers
Size Range: 12” to 30” O.D. Pipe

Rack Rollers Rack Rollers

Small Rollers
Size Range: 2” to 12” O.D. Pipe

Large Rollers
Size Range: 12” to 20” O.D. Pipe

Tractor Bending Shoes Tractor Bending Shoes

Quick, economical method of cold bending pipe. Easily mounted on side-boom equipped tractors. Bends pipe without extensive set-up or difficult procedures.
Size Range from 4" to 16" O.D. Pipe

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