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Product Categories
Cathodic Protection
Engineering and Surveying Equipment
Environmental Products
Flange Spreaders
Hand Tools
Lifting Equipment and Accessories
Locators and Holiday Detectors
Marking and Warning
Miscellaneous Consumables
Paint and Accessories
Pipe Beveling, Cutting and Threading Equipment
Pipe Handling and Pipe Fabrication Equipment
Pipe Line Up Clamps
Pipeline Coatings and Accessories
Pipeline Pigs
Pipeline Plugs and Pipe Caps
Power Tools
Pumps, Hoses and Accessories
Rental Equipment
Safety Products
Testing Equipment
Tie Down Equipment
Welding Equipment and Accessories
Wire Brushes and Abrasives

Marking and Warning

Sub Categories
Barricade Tape Barricade Tape

Woven Nylon Barricade Tape

Printed Danger and Caution Banner

Decals/Stickers Decals/Stickers

D.O.T. Stickers and Placards

Misc. printed labels

Flagging Flagging

Safety, Engineers and Surveyors Flagging for warning and marking. Available in various colors, on rolls or with pins

Marking Devices Marking Devices

Dixon “Redimark”, Markal #20 and #25, and Sanford “Magnum” Felt Tip Markers

Dixon Lumber Crayons

Nissen and Texpen Metal Markers

Markal “B” and Sanford “Meanstreak” Paint Sticks

Right-Of-Way Markers Right-Of-Way Markers

Pipeline Markers indicate that a pipeline is in the area. These markers do not mark the exact location of the pipe nor indicate its burial depth. Markers should list the commodity transported, the company responsible, and a 24-hour telephone number where the party monitoring the pipeline can be reached

Signs and Traffic Cones Signs and Traffic Cones

“Stop” and “Slow” Paddle Signs

“Pipeline Construction Ahead” and “Truck Entering Ahead” Warning Signs

Traffic Cones

Sign Post

Steel Stamps Steel Stamps

1/4" and 3/8” Letter and Number Sets

Truck Flags and Banners Truck Flags and Banners

Mesh and Vinyl “Wide Load” and “Oversize Load” Truck Banners

Cloth and Vinyl Truck Flags

Underground Tape Underground Tape

Underground tape is used to mark the location of buried utilities such as water, gas and utility lines. We stock both detectable and non-detectable in 3” to 6” wide.

Warning Lights and Alarms Warning Lights and Alarms

Truck Back-Up Alarms

Barricade Lights

Truck Warning Kits

Air Horns

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