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Every time work is stopped on a pipeline construction line, money is lost. If you’re in the pipeline industry, you get that. Keep the pipeline moving, and keep your people safe.


While supplies only account for one to two percent of overall pipeline construction project costs, not having the right supplier can completely stop work.


“As a leading pipeline construction supply company, we take our job seriously. With PSS Companies, we’re focused on partnering with our customers to ensure crews have the supplies they need when they need them. To do this, we’re pulling from over 10,000 different part numbers on a daily basis. We’re doing everything we can to help keep the pipeline moving, and avoid costly delays at key pipeline construction sites across the country,” said Karma Newberry, PSS Companies Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


PSS Companies: The Leading Pipeline Supply Company

The recent merger of Wasatch Supply and Pipeline Supply & Service has created the leading supplier of consumable pipeline materials and specialty equipment for the oil and gas industry in the U.S. For now, each PSS Companies division will maintain its own customer base, but will be moving to a unified brand platform that will deliver improved benefits to customers.


PSS Companies is made up of experienced people who are focused on delivering the right pipeline supply products on time and at a competitive price. The company achieves this by providing excellent customer service and unbeatable product accessibility and availability.

“Two leading pipeline supply companies in the U.S. joined forces, which means now customers have access to some of the most experienced pipeline supply people in the country. Because our key people are pipeliners, we are proud of our ability to help customers anticipate needs, which ultimately helps them keep projects more predictable and more profitable,” said Newberry.


How PSS Companies Does It

PSS Companies is investing in a variety of programs to maintain and improve its leadership position. Some of these strategies include staying focused on delivering excellent customer service, and having high-quality products stocked at distribution centers that are close to key pipeline sites across the U.S.


With the recent announcement of two new distribution facilities in the Utica and Bakken shale areas, customers at pipeline sites across the country can now have nearly any pipeline supply product delivered from PSS Companies within one working day. The two new locations bring the company’s total distribution locations up to seven across the U.S. This is a key advantage to partnering with PSS Companies, as last minute supply requirements occur on nearly every pipeline project.

In addition to multiple distribution centers, PSS Companies also maintains increased levels of high-demand items through implementation of a new, leading-edge inventory management and distrubution system. This equates to more product options and more immediate access to the products needed.


Industry-best customer service

The company’s key employees have worked on pipeline construction sites. This hands-on pipeline construction experience ensures greater insight and knowledge to anticipate needs, as well as deliver exactly the right solution to customers the first time.


“We’re proud to be pipeliners – not order takers. This means customers are talking to someone who knows the business and knows the products. Also, people can trust us to do what we promise. We’re committed to deliver what we say we’ll do on time. We go out of our way to communicate to customers and end users what we can and can’t do – so there’s never any surprises,” said Chuck Dalio, CEO of PSS Companies.


While PSS Companies continues to grow with resources across the U.S., Newberry is passionate about ensuring customers always have a local relationship in working with the company. This means that relationships that have been forged over years and sometimes decades, remain in tact. So regardless of the pipeline construction site, a Purchasing Agent or Superintendant can call the person they’ve worked with for years to get any order fulfilled.


High-quality product offerings

Over the years, PSS Companies has developed relationships with more than 1,700 vendors across the nation. These include all of the top tier pipeline construction product and tooling manufacturers. Customers also benefit from unique PSS Companies product promotions, and priority access to the latest product technologies. Additionally, PSS Companies maintains a large fleet of regularly used rental equipment at all sites that includes cradles, clamps, beveling machines, benders, holiday detectors, and chart recorders. 


With all of these customer benefits, PSS Companies also knows it must offer competitive pricing to be successful. This is accomplished through the improved buying power of the combined companies, and lower freight costs.


Lowering freight costs is also a top focus for PSS Companies, and the company is achieving this by adding strategic distribution centers, as well as negotiating national freight contracts that will help ensure the lowest landed cost no matter where the project is located.


Looking Ahead

“I’m so excited about PSS Companies and where we’re headed. In 2012 customers can expect to see us roll out an integrated ERP system for more efficient operations, a Web-based order management system to make it easier for customer to work with us, and two new distribution centers for faster delivery. This all helps make it possible for customers to continue to trust us to deliver the right products, on time, and at a competitive price,” said Newberry.